WL Analysis is a cross-platform video analysis software for strength athletes and coaches. It allows you to store and review video recordings. The videos can be organized by tags. They are not copied to the app storage by default. This way the app uses less memory, but if the videos get removed, renamed or moved to another directory they won't be accessible anymore. You can change that behaviour in the settings menu.

Camera setup

The app works with any camera setup. If you want to get the most accurate results:

  • Camera must be perpendicular to the floor
  • Record from the side angle
  • Height of the camera should correspond to the middle of the range of motion. For example, for deadlift place the camera around the knee level.
  • Distance from the camera depends on the camera lens, in most cases 2.5m - 3.5m is ok. You can experiment to see which one works best for you.

BETA: Now it's possible to track the barbell in real time.

  1. Select the plate: you can do that by pressing on the highlighted plate if it's automatically detected
  2. If the plate wasn't automatically detected, click on the hand icon and place the plate inside the box
  3. If you need some time for setup before the lift, you can use the countdown feature. Make sure you don't cross the plate with your body before you begin. You can also use the voice trigger described below.
  4. If the camera lags or if you have a fast hardware and want to record in higher quality, you can change it in the settings menu

Recording can be started and stopped with voice commands. If you train in a relative quiet environment, turn on this feature in the settings menu. The phrases default to "start" and "stop", but you can adjust them if you want. Once the video is started / stopped you will hear a sound feedback. Note: this feature is currently only available for english language.

Barbell trajectory

The app tracks barbell plate to find it's trajectory. The plate is automatically detected by the app. In most cases it should be properly detected, but you can encounter following scenarios:

  • Multiple plates are detected - in this case select the valid one by clicking on it.
  • No plates are detected or the detection is invalid - in this case select the plate manually by "zooming in" the video frame.

Remember that when you cross the plate during recording, the app loses track of the plate! Make sure that you don't step between the camera and the plate or trim the video before importing it. Low contrast between the plate and it's surroundings, poor lighting or video blur are also factors that can decrease tracking accuracy.


Graphs can be used to control video playback:

  • Click on the graph to pause the player at the selected position
  • "Zoom in" and drag the graph to loop a video fragment

You can set a parameter for both axes (left and right). To configure the graphs content, click on the cog icon. You can change the active axis there. After selecting the active axis you can change a parameter for that axis. To hide the right axis click on the active parameter. You can also choose whether the parameter is calculated from the movement in both directions or only from one (vertical or horizontal). Average / Min / Max values below the graph are calculated from the active axis parameter. By clicking on the Min / Max value you can pause the recording at the corresponding video frame.

Kinematic parameters

The app uses the information about the trajectory to compute the most important kinematic parameters about the lift. Plate diameter is used for calibration. If you use non standard plates (diameter different than 45 cm) then make sure to type them during video import.

Average values are calculated from the currently looped video fragment (only the concentric portion of the lift).

If you have a slowed down, high framerate video, type in the fps in the lift editing menu

The app needs to know barbell weight to compute force and power data, make sure to enter it during the video import.

The parameters can be exported to a .csv file. You can specify which parameters get exported from the settings menu.

Rendering features

The following features can be used to help with the technique assessment

  • Colored trajectory: after selecting the parameter from which the colors should be computed the app will draw the trajectory using green color for the lowest value and red color for the highest value from the currently looped video fragment
  • Vertical lines indicating the horizontal position of the barbell at the beggining of the rep
  • Custom size grid

Video comparison

There are currently two comparison modes: side by side or overlay (in beta)

You can compare as many videos as your hardware allows. If your device has issues with video comparison, try recording in lower resolution / framerate. Compared videos should preferably be taken with the same camera parameters. The videos will be synchronized to the start of the lift.

Video export

Videos can be exported to a .mp4 file.

If you wish to include additional info about a lift, such as barbell weight, date or tags in the exported video then select the preferred configuration in the settings menu.

If you are a coach and would like to prepare a video feedback for your athletes, you can use the screen recording feature.

You can view the exported videos by going to the appriopiate tab from the home screen options.

Database backup

The whole database can be exported to a directory, which then can be imported on all supported platforms: Android, iOS, macOS.

  1. Select the directory used to import / export database.
  2. To import / export press the corresponding button.
  3. The backup directory can be then moved to another device or deleted.


If you encounter some issues or have any questions about the app then feel free to contact me via email: weightliftinganalysis@gmail.com

If you are on Android, consider using the in app form. This form automatically sends useful information about the device you are using like manufacturer / model / os version.

Finally, if you enjoy using the software please consider rating it on the app store.